Domus Vim: Laser Cutting Service

With a wide range of materials, Domus Vim offers a quick and reliable laser cutting service.
To get started, follow the instructions below to start experimenting and fabricating those ideas!

1. Download a Template

To commence, please download one of our templates below. Directions
on how to use these templates are located at the top of each template. 

Rhino Template (.3dm)

Illustrator Template (.Ai)

AutoCAD Template (.DWG)


2. Choose Your Materials

We stock a range of materials to accommodate for all your design
needs. Below, you can find a list of the materials we stock. 

Don't see the material you're after?* Contact us to find out whether
the material is suitable for laser cutting and its availability.

*Materials we do not cut: MDF / PVC

Material List 2018 (PDF)



For fabric laser cutting, please see below for fabrics that can be laser cut.:

Cotton, Felt, Silk, Linen, Lace, Polyester, Fleece, Softshell, Jeans, Denim, Alcantara, Neoprene

Fabrics that cannot be lasercut include:



3. Send us your file

Email with your laser cutting file. We'll
respond to your email within 24hrs with information
on how to proceed with the order. If any further
information is needed to ensure we cut your file perfectly,
we'll let you know. 

We offer a 20% Student Laser cutting discount. 

Project turnaround is 1-2 Business days. These times
may vary, to find out timing or book an appointment; please contact
us at



4. Confirmation and Delivery

Once we have your file, we'll send you a quote to review.
If you wish to proceed, we'll issue an invoice for payment.
Once payment is complete we'll commence cutting your project.
An email on completion will notify you on tracking information or
pickup times.